Professional Technology Services

Network Engineering Consulting

We provide full scale Enterprise Network Consulting Services. Our Network Consulting Services include, but is not limited to the following. This can be provided in coordination with the client’s network team as existing drawings and multiple knowledge sharing information of client network will be required for a detailed study. A client questionnaire and initial on-site kickoff meeting with the Network team is mandatory.


Enterprise Network Discovery

  • SNMP or SSH based network device discovery.
  • Identify All Network Devices (Routers, L2-Switches, L3-Switches).
  • Identify All WAN Links & IPs.
  • Identify All LAN subnets & IPs..
  • Identify all Management Networks and IPs (i.e. Loopback, Server Mgmt. etc.

Enterprise Network Topology.

  • Complete High-Level Dataflow Topology (Global and per-site)
  • Inter-Site connectivity-WAN Topology.
  • Per-Site LAN connectivity Topology.
  • Management and Test Networks Topology.

Enterprise Network Architecture Gap Analysis Services.

  • Existing Network Architecture Gap analysis Services.
  • Recommendations for Improvements/Enhancements based on Gap Analysis.


Enterprise Network Architecture Design Services.

  • HQ Network Architecture Design Services.
  • Campus-Site Design Services.
  • Office Site (Small, Medium, Large) Design Services.

Enterprise Network Implementation & Configuration Services

  • Network Device Implementation Services.
  • Network Device Configuration Services.

Enterprise Network Assessment Services

  • WAN Network Bandwidth Utilization.
  • Network Device Configuration Baselining
  • Network Inventory Management (NIM) Services
  • Detailed Network Inventory Management Services with Serial Numbers and Location Info.
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