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Cyber Security Consulting

Our Cyber Security Consulting Services covers both the network and the end-point security components. Our Network Security Consulting Services provide end-to-end security for all of the enterprise network. We also provide detailed framework and consulting services for end-point security.



Cyber Security Consulting

Network Security Discovery

  • Existing Network Security infrastructure Discovery
  • Identify all Network Security Devices (Firewalls, WAF, IDS, IPS, URL-Content Filtering, Web Gateway, Email Gateway etc.)

Network Security Assessment Services

  • Network Perimeter Security Device Connectivity
  • External Risk Assessment (Firewall, Web Proxy etc.)
  • Network Device Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Device Penetration Scanning & Reporting.

Network Security Gap Analysis

  • Existing Network Security Infrastructure Gap Analysis
  • Best Practice Recommendations for Improvements, Enhancements based on Gap Analysis.

Network Security Design Services

  •   Head-Quarter Network Security.
  •   Campus Office Site Network Security.
  •   Office Site (Small, Medium, Large) Network Security

Network Security Access Management Services

  • Network Device Access (2FA Login, Net witness/RSA, Internal/External Access).

Network Security Implementation

  •     Network Security Device implementation.

Network Security Configuration

  •    Network Security Device Configuration Baselining.

Cyber Security Consulting

Endpoint Security Discovery

  • Identify & document existing End-Point Security implementations
  • Identify all existing End-Point Security tools, applications and solutions

End-Point Security Assessment Services

  • Internal Risk Assessment (Desktops/Servers)
  • End-point devices Vulnerability Assessment
  • Application Security Assessment
  • End-Point Penetration Testing Scanning & Reporting

Endpoint Security Gap Analysis

  • End-Point Security Gap Analysis (McAfee, Application White-listing, Bit9 Endpoint Orchestration i.e. AV, HIPS etc.)
  • Best Practice End-Point Security recommendations, Enhancements based on gap analysis

End-Point Security Design Services

  • Head-Quarter End-Point Security
  • Campus Office Site End-Point Security
  • Office Site (Small, Medium, Large) End-Point Security

End-Point Security Access Management Services

  • End-Point Access (2FA Login, Net witness/RSA, Internal/External Access)

End-Point Security Implementation

End-Point Security Configuration

Cyber Security Governance & Compliance

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