Managed Technology Services

Security Assessment

Security assessments are carried out by individuals who are unclear as to the quality of the security measures put in place on their IT systems and networks. The benefits to a secure network are many, but include the security measure’s ability to protect user confidentiality, sensitive data, system resources.


Network Scanning

  • Scanning of public networks and systems accessible via the Internet
  • Local scanning of networks and systems behind your firewalls using a virtual appliance (Scanner Appliance)
  • Detects vulnerabilities in, for example, old software and exposed services and functions
  • Detects misconfigured systems
  • Detects weak passwords
  • Maps hosts, ports and services
  • Automatic update of vulnerability database
  • Windows and Linux authenticated scanning
  • High precision with low number of false-positives

Web Application Scanning

  • Scans for a large number of general vulnerabilities
  • Scans for several thousands of vulnerabilities in specific CMSs such as WordPress
  • Scans for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities (version 2019)
  • Scans for vulnerabilities in REST APIs
  • Detects vulnerable JavaScript components
  • Detects web application configuration and rights errors
  • Detects the exposure of personal data, credit card numbers and passwords
  • Detects the exposure of system information
  • Fuzz testing (detects if a web application behaves irrationally or unexpectedly)
  • Scanning of web applications requiring authentication
  • Warns if SSL certificates have expired, are about to expire or are vulnerable
  • Automatically identifies web servers, programming languages and databases
  • Authenticated scan
  • Automatic update of vulnerability database
  • High precision with low number of false-positives

Risk Assessment

  • Understand how resilient your users are against social engineering, through simulation of social engineering e-mails, like phishing, spear phishing and ransomware
  • GDPR compliance – measure tendency to leak personal data and prevent leakage
  • Sandbox technology – the assessment is carried out completely without any risk to the user and your IT systems
  • Privacy by design – does not compromise personal integrity or store sensitive data
  • Automated and customised awareness training based on specific user behaviour
  • Recipient import function
  • Grouping (tagging) of recipients
  • A large number of ready-made and customisable templates
  • Placeholders for e-mail address, first and last names and name of your organisation
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