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What is 14NINE ?Great thought and attention went into creating the name of the company. Listed below are the four most important factors that contributed to the name 14NINE.

1. Near Perfect Availability Time:

I started with naming the company as someone that likes to provide his customers with near-perfect solutions (if not exactly perfect). That made me first think of coming up with a calculation that gives us near-perfect availability time. I looked at the famous 4 “9” but then I realized that it is still 4.38 minutes (Table-1) of down time per month. This made me engineer the calculation for near-perfect availability i.e. nano sec/month (aka Low Latency Time). I came up with the first digits that gives nano sec down time as 14 “9s”. It was about 26.2 nano sec/month. I then thought to calculate the time per day and found that 14 “9s” are also the first digits that just cross the border calculations from micro to nano as well, at 0.8 nano-sec/day (Table-2). That was it. I decided to name the company” 14-9s”. But then the website domain-name was not available and with the social media presence being so important, I started looking for a matching domain name. Having secured the domain “”, we started brainstorming on how best to explain this to the public at large.

2. Date of Registration with IRS:

The first step in starting a company in the US, is to get a Tax ID from IRS called Employer Identification Number (EIN). You have to apply for it online. As luck would have it, that day happened to be the 14th of September or 14/9 per English Calendar.

3. Fourteen domains of Network & Internet Engineering:

Next came registering the company in Pakistan. The first step there, is to request company name from the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). We submitted our name as “14NINE” but they asked us to explain the name as a more meaningful entity. So, we decided to define it as follows;

4. Above All, a personal memorable day:

This one is the not so obvious one. Yes, I got married on 14/9 in Pakistan !!!!


Atif Khan Founder & CEO
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