Managed Control Center

Managed Control Center

We provide Managed Control Center Services. We will monitor your Network and provide the following services.

1-Network Operations Center (NOC)

2-Security Operations Center (SOC)

3-Data Center Operations Center (DOC)

4-Voice-Video Operations Center (VVOC)

5-Wireless Operations Center (WOC)

Managed NOC Services

Our NOC applications will monitor your Network logs and provide you with specific solutions for any issues encountered in the Network. The following types of log collectors can be setup for detailed network monitoring;

* Syslog
* SNMP trap logs
* Netflow logs
* ipfix logs
* System Event logs


Managed SOC Services

Our SOC applications will monitor your Security logs and provide you with specific solutions for any issues related to Security. Our SOC is equipped with SIEM, Aggregation correlation, Log collection, Reporting, Ticketing and threat intelligence.

Managed DOC-VVOC-WOC Services

Our applications will monitor specific network components ie. Data Center, Voice-Video and Wireless and provide you with specific logs and troubleshooting solutions for any issues in these domains.

* DOC monitors all data center components such as DC routers, DC switches, DC firewalls, DC endpoints like Servers etc.

* V-VOC monitors all logs related to Voice-Video components in enterprise network.

* WOC monitors all logs related to wireless components in the enterprise network