Enterprise Wireless Consulting

Enterprise Wireless Consulting

Wireless Network Assessment, Design, Implementaion and Managed Services is our primary focus in the small-medium busines setups where wireless users are mostly common. 14Nine can help setup an enterprise Wireless network with its dedicated network space and hierarchical design for future scaling.

We also provide a Wireless Operations Center (WOC) as part of our Managed Control Center Services.

Autonomous AP Wireless Design

Campus Wireless networks sometimes require extension of the network to areas where there is no wired connectivity possible. In such cases a Wireless Workgroup Bridge solution is one of the solutions. 14Nine can setup wireless extension solutions using the autonomous access points (AAPs)

Campus Wireless Design

Campus Wireless design is a complicated process if the campus consists of multiple floors and larger coverage area. 14Nine can design a scalable, high-coverage wireless solution using light-weight access points (LWAP) with wireless LAN controllers (WLC). We will provide any level of desired wireless network security and redundancy designs.

Campus Wireless Survey

Wireless Survey is a must for any large area wireless network design. Roaming wireless connectivity with high data-rate implementaion is possible with a comprehensive wireless survey. 14Nine specialzies in providing you with a detailed survey and best practice recommendation for LWAP deployment in a large floor area office setup.