Enterprise Network Engineering Consulting

Enterprise Network Engineering Consulting

Enterprise Network Engineering is needed for all small-medium and large enterprises whether it is a greenfiled or a brownfield infrastructure. We specialize in the following full cycle consulting and professional services;
* Enterprise Network Design
* Enterprise Network Assessment
* Enterprise Network Implementation and Configuration
* Enterprise Network Support
* Enterprise Network Managed Services

We also provide a Network Operations Center (NVOC) as part of our Managed Control Center Services.

Enterprise Network Design

Whether you have a need to add a new office or data center to your existing enterprise network or want to upgrade or redesign the existing infrastructure, 14Nine is here to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed design services. Our Senior Engineers have years of experience with diverse netwrok requirements and will provide you with the best practices solution.

Data Center Design

Add, Move or Change design for existing Data Centers is an evolving requirement for most enterprise networks. 14Nine will be there to answer all your questions, satisfy all your requirements and provide you with a solution that satisfies your present and future needs.

Compute Network Design

Data Center Compute, whether on-prem or in the cloud, always include multiple private clouds for your compute needs. 14Nine has expertise in DC virtualization at the Compute layer and can provide design and implementation services for both VMWare ESXi, Microsoft HyperV and Bare-metal designs to connect to the DC transport infrastructure.