Data Center Consulting

Data Center Consulting

We specialize in Leagacy and SDN based Data Center Assessment, Design & Implementation. Our team at 14Nine has specialty in the following DC areas;
* Cisco ACI based Transport design (Single fabric, Multi-Pod, Multi-Site)
* Cisco NXOS based 2-Tier/3-Tier Transport Architectures
* Migration of Legacy DC infrastructue to the newer technologies
* Scaling existing Infrastructure for Compute requirements

We also provide Data Center Operations Center (DOC) as part of our Managed Control Center Services.

ACI Multi-Site Design

Cisco ACI is the latest SDN-based solution for large Data Centers. 14Nine prides iteslf in extensive large-scale ACI designs and deployments. Our Engineers can help identify your DC needs and design a multi-tenant, secure and scalabale "Network-centric" and "application-centric" ACI design. 14Nine Knowledge Base has multiple publications in the ACI domain and also provides technical training in this area.

NXOS based Design

Smaller Data Centers where the need for SDN is not desired at the present time, or where the legacy infrastructure needs to be upgraded to a more affordable latest technology based setup, Cisco's NXOS based solutions is a common implementation solution. 14Nine will provide you with a step-by-step recommendation for migrating the existing legacy setup to NXOS based architecure and will provide you with design, implementation, configurationa nd support in a timely and efficient manner.

Private Cloud Design

We help our customers in Data Center Transport Network Assessment, Private Cloud (VMware, HyperV and Bare-Metal) Assessment & Design. 14Nine has designed and deplpoyed multiple private cloud architectures and can also provide Cloud design consultancy. Our Virtualization team can help your compute team with complex solutions for a multi-cloud setup.