Collaboration Consulting

Collaboration Consulting

14Nine is an integrated "Collaboration Services" provider including design, implementation of the following;
Cisco Call Managers (single or multi clusters)
Unity (single or multi clusters) & Unity Express
Contact Center Express
Instant Messaging & Presence (IMP) and Cisco Jabber endpoints
Cisco Expressway Edge Gateways
Cisco Meeting Servers (CMS)

We also provide a Voice-Video Operations Center (V-VOC) as part of our Managed Control Center Services.

Voice-Video Enterprise Design

14Nine has over 20+ years of experience in designing and implementing an integrated voice and video solution for your compamny needs. This includes hardware based "Audio-Conferencing", "Video-Conferencing", Web-RTC based Video chat and Video conferencing, and ad-hoc audio conferencing. Advanced conferencing features can also be implemented in the latest Cisco Video-based IP phones.

Call Routing Design

Whether your company has the legacy PSTN or the latest SIP based ITSP services, 14Nine can help setup, enterprise CUBE and Expressway gateways. Internally within the company, Call routing can be provided with either the legacy MGCP or SIP protocols and we will provide you with a detailed Call routing design, along with voice-video media flow diagrams.

Call Routing Troubleshooting

Call drops, QoS issues or misconfigurations in an existing Voice-Video setup are a pain and loss of revenue and embarassing customer service for any company. 14Nine will help your company with all troubleshooting requirements to quickly identify and isolate any such issues.